Saturday, February 04, 2006


something infiniteLy interesting

movie to see
i haven't been in a theather for few weeks,,the LAst one i saw was Narnia,,=l sorry,, no
suggestions for now

music to Listen to..
1990's aLternative on Yahoo Messenger =)hear hit songs from artists such as
Stone TempLe piLots
PearL jam
Foo Fighters
Tv Series to foLLow
Life as we Know it,,airs on studio23 every wednesdays after CSI
(hindi ko aLam exact time e =P mga around 2120
Video to rent
The Eye 2 =) shiver to the misfortune of this pretty LAdy

book to read
=l waLa din akong binabasa ngayon =(
may mairerekomenda ka ba?

Random thing to do..
Sort out your HAndouts from the previous term,read them,,
especiaLLy the doodles =P

 ipagdasaL po natin yung mga
taong namatay sa stampeDe
kanina na ninais manood ng
wowowee.. more than 60 peopLE
were confirmed dead most
of them were women of age
=( marami din nasugatan at
nahiwaLAy na mga bata sa
mga kasama niLA =(haaii,,

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