Sunday, February 12, 2006

tanong sa reed...

“What kind of work would you like to engage in?”

I would like to engage in a work where I can travel and discover new places. That would greatly benefit me because traveling interests me a lot. Well to reciprocate, the thing I could probably give to my work is my constant curiosity of discovering places.
The kind of work in my mind is too idealistic. I am actually thinking of being a host of a travel show. Like Susan Medina and JC Gonzales with their respective shows on Studio23. They get to discover beautiful places mostly here in the Philippines. Also, they get to discover the culture of the place to go to. Seeing ads from Smart and Wow Philippines, I got more interested in going places here in our country. I bet there are hundreds of beautiful beaches, farm and other terrains here.
Having this kind of job will also allow me to be connected to my grounds. As I have said, this is too idealistic. Now if it’s not possible for me to host a show, I would like to be a part of it or a magazine/print writer and feature places, and still get to see it myself. We have a very beautiful country and it could sure use some help with regard to promotion. And through media, our tourism can surely prosper.
This is actually weird; wanting a job far from the course I am taking. Of course I would also want to be a doctor someday. But in a perfect world I would really like to profit from something I love to do, which in this case is to travel.

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