Thursday, March 23, 2006

something bittersweet

something infiniteLy interesting

we came to reaLize that we've unraveLed
a 3-LEg-Long mystery
a candy-coated broken gLASs to eat
that pinches your fLoating souL

as for me,
i stand in front of your titLe
not so thriLLing
onLy piercing,,and we are LEft with scars
that turns teaL when we cry

LifeLess shrubs dont sway with the wind
but dead fish fLows with the current

we are rotten and unfinished cLays of fate
and everytime the earth shakes..
they pick us up and throw in the air
i do not want to be the paLm with fingers that
has no mark..
they kept on carving so i couLd have prints..
it is mine
but it does not bLeed...
it hurts cause it had Long been empty..


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