Monday, March 27, 2006

boneLess "Love"!

something infiniteLy interesting

probabLy out of hunger or
just pLain poor hearing..i dont know to which i shouLd point my index..

boneLess "Love"!

thoughts rushed into my head
and i smiLe as i accept each one comin'
cause i never reaLLy wanted to use the
"L" word! --(a four-Letter engLish word btw)
ive been asked before if there shouLD be a basis to "confirm" that he Loves someone..or she Loves someone..

weLL of course there shouLd be,,i think?
i think it's more of hypocricy to say that Love needs no reason,, bLAh bLah,, hope you know what non-sense i've been bLAbbering about,,
moving on,
i beLieve that, that word needs a backbone,
doesn't have to be tangibLE or anything, just one force that hoLDs both parties together.. i mean, seriousLy, is it just LAck of experience for me to say that it is impossibLE to "Love" without a particuLar reason? you expect, thats why you get hurt,. you depend, thats why you get
weak, you trust that why you become guLLibLE, and you beLieve in it thats why you get broken.. when we've exceeded expectations, we've become independent, we've proven trust and finaLLy accepted by heart whatever is unbeLievabE,, maybe then,, then,,, what? i dont know what i am taLking about!! =P

but then again, who am i to taLk about aLL of this?
as of now,, i say, we need to stregthen those bones!!
drink some miLk and eat caLcium-rich food.. okei?

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Anonymous said...

ahmmm... ganda ah..^_^