Sunday, April 24, 2005

::Loving Luna::

there are tons of things we couLd compare Life to...
it depends on how we Look at it and probabLy with our mood...
tonight,, i compare it with my moon---i mean the moon

the moon is a unique member of the soLAr system
what caught my attention about the moon are its features and phaSes...
i remember, as a kid Looking at it as it foLLows me..
aLso,, i aLways saw a figure of a man sitting beneath a tree...

on cLoser <>and recent scaLe.. i've LEarned bout its features of craters, and sea/ocean

moon, just Like our Lives has the foLLowing:

oceanus proceLArum -- ocean of storm

mare imbrium --- sea of rains

mare serenitatis -- sea of serenity

mare tranquiLitatis -- sea of tranquiLity

mare crisium -- sea of crises

mare Fecunditatis -- sea of fertiLity

theSe aren't aLL its features but Look how ut reSEmbLes Life,,
it's Like thge ones who named the moon's seas and oceans knew that i wiLL compare Life to it...

even though most names weren't reaLLy positive,, moon wouLdn't be as beautifuL as it is w/o them

Another thing,,, it Lits us during our evenings,, it aLways did,,because it was born at the same time of our pLanet
But it isn't fuLLy seen at aLL times

Let's go sLightLy scientific....

it's phaSes depend on what fraction of its hemisphere can be seen from the earth.
as the moon orbits earth, it grows in size from new moon, to cresent, first quarter, gibbous and fuLL moon, it then decreaSes in reverse order to gibbous to third quarter, creSent and back to new moon...

reSembLing Life again huh?

weLL this is how i see it just for the night

But i Love the moon and Life either ways...

Now know the ansWer to my riddLe?

----------------you aLways did

something infiniteLy interesting

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