Wednesday, December 29, 2004


the writing did not came swiftLy as she expected. there even was a song by viktoria pLaying. it was one of her favorites "am i truLy hopeLess? am i being pathetic? are you even aware of my existence?" the songwriter maybe wasn't aware of the emotionaL damage he can create to the hearts of the truLy hopeLess and the pathetic.... so was she one? ah,,i think not.. geez that's harsh! but, nobody knew. not even herseLf.
it was getting harder for her spontaneity to come out. she can't even pick up the right font coLor for her post.
she paused. took a deep breath.
she reaLized that she was being, as aLways, seLf-centered.
so to answer her probLem, she took a moment and think about the things she want to write. it was her winter's summer's winter. and she went on reminiscing...

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