Thursday, December 30, 2004

eye-popped out!

to see how famous she was, ( what the---?! she's gone crazy again?!?!) she searched the net for her name "khaz"..
her tiny peepers grew fist-size big when got pLenty of resuLts from the search engine.
so then she browsed some sites, and to her interst, she opened a site Linking to photos of a "dj khaz"..
there were thumbnaiLs and she opened one, "oh,, she's an oLd Lady"...
then the next one.. "haLA ?!! LaLake??!!?"
it turned out that the djkhaz the search engine found was a guy,, a fat oLd guy of beard that rust a thousand bLades!
she better make her own scene to get a better resuLts next time!!

"khaz... the famous astroLoger" or "khaz concert tickets avaiLabLe at bLah bLah bLah..." "the bLogger-turned-superstar: khaz" ...

---- oh yeah,, what a dreamer .... =D ha! and im Lovin' it

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