Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck-fantastic 2015

10 days into 2016, everyone may have already bid their farewell to 2015, but before I finally put a dot to that year’s chapter, I’ll just do a little look back to one my craziest years. It was a year of closing doors but of course, opening new ones as well.
As early as January, I already was already out and about making lustay of money. Coming back to Cebu and experiencing Sinulog for the first time was definitely a highlight. It was also a dream come true to come back to Biliran, now as a tourist and explore the island – that was in June with my boss. And August of 2015 was the first time I set foot on Mindanao soil. Oh I already miss you Surigao del Sur.
February of 2015, I moved to a new department at work. New faces, new opportunities, new challenges ~ yes, I must say though, nothing will ever beat the stress and demands of the 2 other departments I used to be a part of. April marks my 5th year in this company. Staying power!
What I’d say consumed most of my time during the first half of the year was my pag aasikaso of my Birth Certificate Gender correction (yeheess s3x change ;p). I really wanted to write about it coz it might help others who have the same problem, but *insert excuse here*.  As soon as that was corrected, just annotated really, I immediately applied for valid IDs – UMID and Passport. Yehey! Clap clap clap. In your face Citibank representative who said “Talaga ma’am 26 na kayo pero wala kayong valid ID? Galing ah.” two years ago!
Mid 2015 I moved back to Cavite abandoning my housemate Tata Dear in LP. With that, I failed to go to Elorde regularly. Bye regular exercise! Bye dream abs!
August, September, and October were indeed the rainiest days. But hello rainbow after the rain!

What else…..

Weddings here and there:
Shang x Albert
Chester x Zyrah
Wendi x Arthur
Papong x Tata

Surigao del Sur

 Biliran, Leyte

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

 Surigao del Sur

Bundoks I conquered:
Mt. Manabu
Mt. Talamitam
Mt. Maculot
Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao with the Batulao's Next Top Model

Other Firsts, Achievements and shit:
EDM Party ~ in Sinulog, I frakkin put my hands up in the air like the DJ said so
Invested in Trust Fund ~ lol so mini
iPhone ~ my very first Apple product
Swim! ~ As in in the sea, as in with no vests and such
Fun run ~ I finished 5th in the 3Km Category hahaha
Fantard-ing ~ AlDub, oh you two! #TeamPuyat
Mini cliff jump ~ 7 ft jump but hey
Steph Curry! ~ I went on a date with Steph and some other thousands of people
Wore heels 4x this year ~ yup!
Hospitalization ~ the shit in "Other Achievement and shit"

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Kat said...

Your 2015 sounds terrific! I wanted to write a year-ender as well but ah, totally forgot about it. :p

Re: gender correction in certificate, I had that too. Very costly and time consuming. So I know the feels.

Christian Kathleen Gabales said...

Ang dami mo kasing rampa sis! ;p

costly indeed! kung pwede ko lang singilin yung registrar na nagkamali haha

Kat said...

Haha true. I think I spent about 4k din for the correction. Funny thing is yung NSO lang yung mali, my original birth certificate naman was okay. I guess we should be thankful na lang kasi dati kelangan pa yun ipadaan sa court.