Sunday, November 29, 2015

Test of Friendship: Surigao Edition Day 3 Ganap

I crave for the beach every time I see photos of me with sand on my face/body. And me keeping our beach photos on my phone makes me want to lay on one of the beaches of Cantilan, Surigao again! I know this post is way behind but man, Surigao – you stole my heart!
Our third day filled me with so much excitement! Though we knew there will be island hopping, I did not know much about the islands nearby. I did not google much nor checked out Surigao blog entries from other people. Despite that, I was expecting to be welcomed by beautiful under-developed islands – and I say that in a good way, after all, they’re my favorite.
Of course I was not disappointed.

Miss Aliza - the girl with 0% body fat

miss lakwatsera

 That's me and my footsteps running back and forth for a successful panoramic trick shot

This serene view!

Ms Casolino

Look how fine the sand is!

too much editing on iPhone and im not even sorry

something infiniteLy interesting


Super Bratinella said...

nice vacation sis!!!followed you

Kat said...

Inggit sis! Surigao is in my bucketlist, hanap lang sana ng sched for this year. What's your favorite places in Surigao? I will note them down na.