Monday, June 01, 2015

Arte Conquers Mt. Maculot

My younger self would’ve never believed had told her that I’d be climbing mountains! Spent my Sunday at Cuenca, Batangas and explored the beauty of Mt. Maculot and its famous Rockies. This climb is a strong contender as my favorite for 3 reasons: company, view and difficulty level.

It was a relatively easy climb. The rich vegetation of the trail made it stress-free and on top of that, there were a lot of makeshift benches slash Buko Juice “pit stops” along the way. With difficulty level of 3/9, Mt. Maculot Rockies is absolutely beginner-friendly.

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 Arte nervous shot
The scenic view up there is truly rewarding! Standing atop the Rockies and looking down the Taal Lake was both exhilarating and amazing; by far the most terrifying way to appreciate the tranquil waters of the Taal Lake. I was too excited to get a photo from up there, but was also too quick to come down. No room for too much inarte - one wrong step and that could be it for you. 
there goes my pangarap to be paper white

I almost thought that this hike will not materialize. But thanks to Eden, a friend of mine who’s also one of the people who encouraged me to try hiking and even with just the four of us – we pursued our plan of climbing Mt. Maculot Rockies. What also made this hike special is this is boss’ first hike. I’m glad we get to experience this together.

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