Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3rd date with Mr. Boyd - Or shall I say Mr. Einziger

"@MichaelEinziger: I'll try not to smash my guitar again tomorrow night... 😉 ”  How cute is this Tweet from Mike? July 28, 2011, Megalomaniac -- by far the most memorable concert experience ever!

 "I dig my toes into the sand...." Incubus opened their 4th concert here in Manila with Wish You Were Here. I almost didn't make it to this concert. I reactivated my Facebook just so I can ask friends if they're going so I can tag along; Garcia, MD is the answer yey! Bought a ticket  from a stranger on Facebook on the same day-- I was definitely unprepared. I spent 3k+ back in 2011 for the If Not Now When Tour and I said to myself that this may be the last time ("it will not be the last time" Oil and Water playing in my head) -- buuuuuut how can I miss this one? Got a really good seat at the lower box section - ushers offered us to go to the VIP area for free - I stayed at my seat -- Why?! Why did I pass a free upgrade?!
Kinda felt that the audience did not have that much of energy - I don't know with them, I really had a good time. I yelled "I love you Mike!" Unfortunately he did not hear me.

1. Wish You Were Here
2. Anna Molly
3. Adolescents
4. Made for TV Movie (with Lionel Richie's Hello snippet)
5. Absolution Calling
6. Vitamin
7. Dig
8. Circles
9. Trust Fall
10. In the Company of Wolves
11. A Kiss to Send Us Off
12. Nice to Know You
13. Sick Sad Little World
14. Drive
15. Pardon Me
16. Megalomaniac
17. The Warmth
18. I Miss You
19. A Crow Left of the Murder

It was Ben's birthday a day before their gig here, or maybe that same day, since we're 12 hours ahead. Someone yelled "Happy Birthday Ben" and there was a placard (is that what it's called?) that says "BEN IS THE TITS". There weren't much of band-audience interaction during the concert, but really, some people in the audience were just glued to their seats - why?
Anyway, you know what girls anticipate during Incubus concerts? -- Brandon taking his shirt off!! Hahaha - Of course he did, but already towards the end of the set. I was seriously obsessing over Mike this time - I kinda liked his Sick Sad Little World Solo back in 2011.
But I was so kilig when they played "I Miss You" - I totally forgot that they already played it in 2011.

Saw this hilarious but painfully true graph:

Hope to see you again Mike, Brandon, Jose, Ben and Chris ♥

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