Friday, May 18, 2012


Almost all of the shows that I'm following are on hiatus now!

Gossip Girl just ended w/ a possibility of CHUCK & BLAIR recon. Well, that wasn't exactly it, but I'm getting bored w/ the plot including Serena, even if she's supposed to be the antagonist in this series.

How I met your mother -- ahh! I can't believe it! Robin is indeed Barney's bride! :) Quinn is really cute and I think Barney and she would really hit it off, but not as much as Barney and Robin would! :)
Welcome to the gang Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen!

New Girl - I've got plenty of laughs w/ the finale! It wasn't much of a "pabitin" for the next one, but I am definitely looking forward to the next season.

ANTM British Invasion Okay, I'm still waiting for next week for the Finale. I'm rooting for Sophie for the perfect Brit Invasion. And it's head to head now Yankee vs Brit. Laura is a good contender as well. And I'm loving how Kelly Cutrone is judging the girls.

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