Saturday, October 23, 2010


waw im a little excited to write.. medyo matagal na din akong hindi naka sulat ng ganito, na super focused lang with thoughts running from my head to the tips of my fingers =]

i love writing, i dont know exactly what i want to write this mornight =p

i guess i'll start off by discussing the things that i've been liking and disliking lately..some are new realizations, others are long loved and peeved.


1.2010 - i like this year in general =] it's already the last quarter and i like how things are going. the earlier months weren't so good because i was still kinda "depressed" with the realization of the non-reconcilable breakup with my previous boyfriend and all. getting really busy was what i did. like i said walang 2 days straight na nasa bahay lang ako during my rest days,, naka plot ang mga gala ko ahead because ayaw kong mabakante. that helped big time.

i was somehow sad that i left my good friends at etelecare but i am happy with the deecision i made. i am now with verizon. it's closer to home and i get to save more. i met new friends, i like them. the managers are nice, and considerate.

and of course this year i became close again with one of my closest friends in college, and now my boyfriend ali. =] it's nice to know him a little more and get to spend time with him. i'm different when i'm with him, different in a good way. he influences me, he makes me laugh, see things in different perspective, he makes me feel special and most of all i want to be the same to him. i hope we'll grow together; not just of age but in all aspects.

2.FROYO - one of my new found favorite dessert! frozen yogurt! was introduced to me by ria =] i like kiwi and chocochip toppings!

3.DEFTONES - from what i can remember, digital bath lang yung alam kong kanta nila dati, i like yung drums nya kasi,, but when i started to listen to some of their other songs, i was smitten..they really have a unique sound. i cant name any other band who are even remotely close to their sound. plus chino has a really good voice and unique vocal prowess.

4.LEARNING A NEW PLACE BY COMMUTE - i think it's essential to be a good commuter; to be familiarized with major roads. and not take cab all the time! <-- i think i like to=his but i dont really practice it! hahaha =p

5.LEARNING IN GENERAL - gusto ko may ibang function and utak ko. i wanted to go to school again,but then learning doesnt stop there. right now, i'm practicing writing with my left hand! i've been trying to give more functions to my left hand. by next year aaralin ko naman mag cebuano, kasabot ko but gamay ra, ganahan ko to learn more ..hahahahaa idk kung tama grammar ko!

6.SLOUCHING - i knew that ive been doing it for years, but i didnt really pay attention much until ali mentioned to me so. so what if i sit that way? i knew it's an eye sore but i'm much comfortable that way. leave me be =p

7.WATCHING A GUY PLAY A GUITAR - especially those who are really in the mood, yung super obvious yung passion nila. narealize ko to nung napanood ko yung mga video ni zel bautista (December Avenue) sa youtube. he plays acoustic. wala lang ang ganda tingnan. good thing my boyfriend also plays the guitar. his guitar's name is dorothy.


1.TUMMY ACHE! - ive been having more lately. im suspecting that this is really due to alcohol..ill try y very best to avoid drinking, but there are just some occasions that it's really hard to say no to =/

2.PRICE HIKE - everything is getting more and more expensive! who likes that right? sigh. im just trying to imagine what it'll be like 10, 20 years from now!

3.YUNG MGA HINDI NAGAABOT NG BAYAD SA JEEP! - ODK, if you're so lazy to hand the pamasahe/sukli eh mag cab ka, or mag ipon ka nang makabili ka ng sarili mong kotse para walang mangiistorbo sayo!it's called courtesy my goodness!

4.MUD ON MY FEET - it's rainy again, we'll it's not like we have much of an option. it's either rainy or too hot here in the Philippines!but it's difficult to wear shoes kasi baka mabasa hanggang medyas, pag tsinelas sigurado putik >=/

5.POLITICIANS - sorry to generalize, but i think all of them are tangled in some kind of a game that even the good ones have no option but to play the dirty game. hopeless =(

6.GASTADERA - i hate how much gastadera i am. nahihirapan tuloy makaipon kahit tumaas na sahod ko. sigh. i keep on "rewarding" myself. i should always keep my eyes on the goal! SAVINGS!!!!!

ayun muna, i didnt want to write that much of my dislikes. dapat lamang ang likes ko =]

ayun. this is fun, i hope i get to write more often.

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