Sunday, September 19, 2010


it's just sad,not a lot of people blog these days,, multiply is barely breathing..kasalanan to ng facebook!! =p
i am currently following these blogs:
=this is Nicolo Nimor's blog. He is an illustrator from cebu. Also born in the year 1987 (like i am) but he's got so many accomplishments already. *inggitmuch* i love my NA pencil crew tee in violet!. =] my 2nd fave tee as of yet
=Zel Bautista is the vox for the band that i'm currently stalking right now =p They are called December Avenue. Another awesome find from SonicBoom. I've seen them perform twice as of yet, and i love my DA teedee =] it's my 3rd fave tee.
=my good friend from my previous job etelecare (now Stream). quiet.eccentric.peculiar. She's got a lot of thoughts in her head and i like reading it from here. i miss batcha!!

i wanted to discover more blogs that i can follow,, especially during weekends and im here in the office, accessing non business related websites =p
rawr boredom kills..

something infiniteLy interesting

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