Tuesday, March 29, 2005

current addiction

I could have died maybe I should have diedwhen I saw you walk inside and has you shut the doorI put my eyes back on the floor when all I really wanted wasto look some more. Does a wallflower play or does a wall flower stay on his wall? You see, I live alone, but I've made my happy homeall my furniture is centered around my phoneand I'm waiting for a call, my imaginary friends and allthose who would never let me be taken by the fall. Does a wallflower know when it's time he outgrow his wall? Only tmie has feeling for memaybe Father Time feels sorry for methere was a time when I knew it allwhy don't I ever leave my wall?You know, that siren's getting louderand these people are starting to crowdin on me. (all smell and taste is garlic and gunpoweder)cause I shot the bad guy dead, but he got me in the headwith the girl of my dreams mentioning how much I've bled. Where do the wallflower go when their flowers get pulled from the wall? Though she says I'm brave and boldshe knows a flower cannot hold up a wallI can't hold up this wall any longer...

something infiniteLy interesting

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