Sunday, July 27, 2008

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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
this may go for on and on,, but i think i started becoming a fan because of the song "DRIVE' that made waves all around the world reaching the philppines whrere i am from.. i was still in highschool then,, i dont have a specific genre that i only listen to but i really like the song,, and then i saw the video with the very hot brandon boyd singing, my jaw dropped and my heart raced.. and then i fell in love.. ^_^
so i did some research about them, and found out that they have been in the scene for a long time already,,
one of the first songs that became my favorite then was 'WARNING'.. until i heard 'I MISS YOU' which until now is still on top of my list.. i think,, it's a battle between 'DIG' and 'I MISS YOU'..
well it's not just Brandon Boyd's surfer bod and sexy voice and their music of course, that magnitized me.. i think it's their way of expressing art.. i'm a frustrated artist in all angles..
i blame lack of resources, lack of exposure and inspiration... heck, i can blame anything it's just that i envy the way the band express their own art...
  • i'm a frustrated drummer: i have my 'sensei' who teaches me the easiest ways to play songs,, but cr*p i lack hands and feet coordination, i also dont have my own drumset *donations please*
  • i'm a frustrated painter: OMG i don't even know where to start. i have nothing with regard to painting,, but i always conceive paintings in my head..
  • i'm a frustrated poet: i bLog and have all my thoughts run from my head to the tip of my fingers..and on my blogsite at MULTIPLY which i call "NOODLE TRASHBIN" you know noodle=brain, trashbin=literally the trashbin, haha
  • i'm a frustrated photographer: i loaded my dad's SLR camera and took shots without even knowing how to maximize everyshot, you know the apperture, focus, autofocus, exposure and all that jazz...
  • i'm a frustrated interior designer: when i was a kid,i wanted to be an interior designer, you know and decorate rooms and all,, but growing up, i thought i should do something more practical,, yes it can be lucrative but in a ratio of, i dont know, 1 out of a hundred?
well,, the reason why i'm saying this (yes i think i should explain myself) is because i envy the way the band, each of them were able to express art and make people love them for that, and of course make money out of doing what they love to do,,
i always wish, to be like brandon boyd, (he's the one i read about a lot, but i love the whole band) you know the way he expresses art, deviant of not, create books, songs and all..
i think i'd have to blame lack of talent on my end.. (self-pity)
but hey i'm a fan,, if you're one too, i bet i don't really have to tell you the reason why..
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