Tuesday, May 24, 2005


something infiniteLy interesting

: : daiLy bread : :

You, my brothers, were caLLEd to be free. But o not use your freedom to induLge the sinfuL nature; rather, serve one another in Love.
: L s s : :
bizarre Love triangLe
i'm waiting for the finaL moment you say the words that i can't say...
: : daiLy events : :
waLAng kwenta!!! --routine ang araw na to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
huLing text message na na-receive:whenz,,
-------2m nLn khadz,pra Lhat ng pics nsa comp na.. dko p kc nLa2gay Lhat s comp, ΓΌ mga ftrnun ka pnta 2m.. :)
: : random thoughts : :

=======????? =======
{{{if i couLd choose any name for myseLF it wouLd be.....}}}
+ jeLo
+ juLia/n/ne
+ khaz pa rin... khadz =P
{{{if i couLd Live in just one pLace forever, i'd choose to Live in}}}
+ Capuchin Retreat Center Lipa, Batangas ==dami roses dun!!==
+ or sa NASA (basta sa isang pLAnetarium or observatory)

{{{the most perfect pet in the worLd wouLd be a......}}}
not much of a pet Lover,, pero siguro PANDA
{{{ a perfect way to spend a day wouLd be....}}}
-start of with a good run in the morning (with atom arauLLO!!)-kumain ng mga paborito kong pagkain,,,, hmmm caesar saLad,,, and pizza sa sbarro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -catch my fave shows on tv-nature trippin' (na may maLinis na CR)check my maiLbox,, and Logon to friendster.. catch up with friends-spend sometime night sky gazing
{{{my super secret ambition is to be a...}}}
haLA,, hindi na secret yun pag sinabi ko!
{{{when i go to sLeep, i Love dreaming about....}}}
HFA,,,kasama mga friends and hayskuL kLasmeyts =( kakamiss
{{{i've aLways been afraid of.....}}}
yung mga aso pag nagaaway siLa tapos kita yung ngipin and giLAgid niLA ---gets mo??? basta yung nakakatakod dumaan pag may riot yung mga aso!!! ang hirap expLain!!!

{{{some of my favorite scents in the worLd:}}}
issey miyake
gap dream
pantene conditioner
vioLEt na pantene shampoo (yung amoy saging)
victoria's secret garden strawberries and champagne
yung amoy ng bagong LAbang damit!
yung sabon na tomato and miLk sa FRESH,,,
bagong Linis na CR --- <>
oo weird,, at Least ndi ako addict sa photo-copied na papeL!!! buti na LAng di to binabasa ni que

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